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Event Disco brings the big fun to your community and team building events

We also take a big job off your team's plate


What we do

Event Disco provides tech-enabled event planning and rotating event services to companies, residential developments and workplaces

Why we do it

We give your communities and teams the experiences they want, where they are, with no effort required from your onsite team

Who we partner with

With handpicked event suppliers spanning the full spectrum of interests, our events are fresh, exciting and relevant


to your event related challenges


of client sites don’t coordinate regular events at all as their onsite teams are too stretched – but they will with Event Disco


of client sites believe their onsite teams and event programmes would benefit from Event Disco’s support with event programming and management


of client sites like that Event Disco will be turnkey and autonomous from their existing onsite operation



Whether you are organising a big one-off party, fully outsourcing event management to Event Disco, supplementing an existing event calendar or providing event content for the first time, the benefits of Event Disco’s service are universal

Seamless technology

Event Disco’s proprietary tech platform is the company’s backbone, enabling simple event scheduling and logistics management with full online ticketing and ordering capabilities

Handpicked suppliers

Pre-vetted event suppliers each bring their respected brands, much-loved products and services straight to your venue

Community and team building

Our clients reinforce their brand’s halo and commitment to their people with our forward-thinking service

Operational autonomy

Leave event management to us so your onsite teams can focus on your community’s day-to-day needs

If you think your people would appreciate amazing one-off events and/or rotating live experiences that reinforce your community and team building goals, get in touch with Event Disco.

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